Our mission

Our mission

We will do everything for you

This is our raison d'être and this is the spirit that drives our teams every day.


And if we don't have what you need, we promise to do our best to find it.

Because we believe that nothing is impossible to offer you products that you will not find elsewhere.


This is the spirit of VOLTZ Maraîchage at your service.

Identify and anticipate ALL needs

In the image of Serge Voltzour teams have one obsession on a daily basis: to respond to each of the needs of their market gardeners. Our vocation is not to impose ready-made solutions on them, but to offer them tailor-made solutions. We therefore see each new request as a new opportunity!


To do this, we are constantly seeking to identify new expectations at a very early stage. Those of consumers, of course. But without ever forgetting those of the producers. And we do this all over the world. Because even if local needs are often very specific, solutions may already exist at the other end of the world.

Responding by exploring ALL biodiversity

Each year we test more than 400 varieties and carry out 250 trials.

We adopt the same philosophy in the search for solutions. This is what sets VOLTZ Maraîchage apart. We are passionate about the incredible diversity of the plant world, especially the vegetable world. And we don't want to miss out on any of the opportunities that this diversity can offer.


So, without respite, we search everywhere for all the natural riches to meet all expectations. Because your needs are specific, so are our solutions.

Wide ranges, for THE right product

All uses, all production methods, all marketing channels. All types, all shapes, all colours,...


In the end, for each species, whether you are looking for a major typology or more originality, you will find the best performing varieties adapted to your expectations.